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What Causes Depression

What Causes Depression? While there are many things that may precipitate an episode of depression (or bring to light a more serious case of major depressive disorder), there are a few underlying causes that are common to most cases of depression. Before continuing on, however, I recommend reading...

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Chronic Depression

Posted by Depression Help | Posted in Chronic Depression | Posted on 11-09-2011

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Chronic Depression

Before you ask your doctor for anti-depressants, you should be absolutely sure that you are clinically depressed. Chronic depression — never being able to shake off a feeling of hopelessness, despair, anger or gloom — can take many forms. You may simply have a dietary imbalance, or need more sunlight (the two can be related: vitamin D deficiency is being linked with many problems, including obesity, brittle bones, and depression).

Taking regular supplements will definitely rule out the dietary problems, but don’t expect to see much result for at least two months. It takes time to make up for a long-term imbalance.

Try to do things that make you feel good, not just in the moment, but long-term. Been making promises to yourself to go on holiday, upgrade your car, or get a wardrobe makeover? Don’t get into debt to do this (debt is another source of depression for many people), rather, save up until you can afford this special event. You’ll feel good for much longer than you expect.

Even if your doctor does prescribe anti-depressants, you might want to think twice before taking them. Many doctors are rushed and want to get rid of patients with psychological problems, which are notoriously hard to diagnose and almost impossible to cure.

If you are suicidal or so depressed that you can’t hold down a job, that is much more serious, but mild depression could be related to your everyday environment. Try to exercise more. Exercise releases endorphins, which are “feel good” drugs your body produces naturally. Even a brisk walk, jog, or bike ride can make you feel a lot better. Being fit of body helps you to be fit of mind.

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